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GatorJaw is the Answer!!
For manufacturing engineers and plant managers the GatorJaw framework system redefines versatility. This high-quality aluminum extrusion incorporates a one-piece fastener (none of those cumbersome T-slot inserts) with the patented square-thread design. The fastener tightens down with a quick turn using the GatorJaw tool, included with every purchase. The serrated teeth on the bottom side of the fastener bite in to hold tight.
Don't Be Mistaken!! GatorJaw is not a T-slot
GatorJaw's square thread design self locks without the need for a locking nut. You can work quickly and
efficiently. Tighten and loosen the fastener repeatedly without fear of damaging the threads.
With T-slot extrusions you must slide all nut inserts into place before you start assembly. This literally requires an extra set of hands to position all the pieces in place to be properly tightened.
GatorJaw goes together quickly, adjusts and reconfigures easily, and lasts forever. You can efficiently build work benches, isolation enclosures, instrument stands, specialized carts and many other items.  Engineers report reduced design time, reduced assembly time and countless dollars saved in reduced man hours.  
GatorJaw's versatility also gives it a significant advantage over other construction materials. Steel is heavy and requires prepping, cleaning, welding, drilling, priming and painting. Pipe framing requires prepping, and like steel, there is also the issue of heat warping. Wood is susceptible to weathering.
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